About Us

Discount Fisherman...save on fish stuff!

We are enthusiastic fisherman who love to catch fish both for sport and for food. Just like you we have to purchase bait, tackle, etc.. We know the cost involved can be a little much, particularly if you're fishing to eat.

We wanted to bring back the fun to fishing by making it the inexpensive pastime it used to be. Remember when you were a kid and someone took you fishing and how excited you got. Remember when you caught that very first fish.

Well we wanted to recapture that feeling for you, so we decided to open a discount store specializing in fishing stuff at prices you can afford.

We want to make this store a little different, so we will be adding things like fishing news and tips, hot-spots for fish, videos, specials, freebies, fun-stuff to do, antique fishing stuff, as well as the latest in equipment and accessories.

So please stick with us as we grow and come back often to see what's new.